Family Day Blood Donor Clinic in Trenton

If you have type O Negative blood, book an appointment to donate on Monday Feb 19th – Family Day!

Whether you have donated before or it’s been a while, your type is needed. As an O Negative type you are part of a select group whose donations are compatible with everyone. During an emergency, when there is no time to check a patient’s blood type, O Negative is used. This is why it’s always in high demand for patients in critical situations. Only 7% of Canadians have type O Negative blood yet 12% of hospital orders are for this blood type.

This is why we are asking anyone who has O Negative blood to donate blood. We are making a special ask to donors, like you, who have O Negative blood. We are asking that you help us recruit other members of your family who may share this universal blood type. What a great way to become on Family Day, donate blood and save lives together.