Historical Peterborough Businesses Revealed through Select Letterheads

Historical Peterborough Businesses Revealed through Select Letterheads

Event Details: Peberborough Historical Society public lecture. Before radio, television, and the internet, how did local businesses communicate with the public? Richly designed letterheads provided extensive information describing business operators, products, premises, and what could be bought in town. The Peterborough Museum and Archives house thousands of historical invoices and letterheads going back more than 150 years. Peterborough archivist Jon Oldham and local historian Ken Brown will reveal secrets galore of long forgotten businesses.

Event Location: Lion’s Centre 347 Burnham Street

Event Dates: Tuesday 19 March 2019

Event Start/End Times: 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Event Details : http://www.peterboroughhistoricalsociety.ca

Event Price: free