Women’s Art Association of Canada – April Studio Meeting

While Rachel Carson is best known for her ground-breaking title “Silent Spring” in which ultimately led to the birth of the environmental movement, a lesser known work “The Sense of Wonder” was equally inspirational.  Carson correctly asserted that a child has an inborn sense of wonder for the natural world, a sense which would lead to discovery and joy.

Clearly Jan Thornhill embraces Carson’s passion for nature and has been even more prolific as a published author.  She has countless titles to her name, all dedicated to encouraging children to explore the outdoors with abandon.  Undoubtedly Jan’s fascination began as a child who spent every summer vacation exploring the outdoors near her Sudbury home.  She collected everything from abandoned bird nests to snake skins.  Curiously and despite all of the unusual things under the sky, Jan has chosen to spend much of her outdoor time studying slime moulds!

We are not suggesting that Jan has a waning interest in the gloriously wide world of nature, but we should ask her why slime moulds.  You will have that opportunity when Jan addresses the April studio meeting of the Peterborough Chapter of the Women’s Art Association of Canada.

When:         April 12th, 2019

Time: 2:00 PM

Where:        Princess Gardens

For further information contact:

Glenda Hunter, Program & Publicity Committee

E-mail:  glenda.hunter@teksavvy.com

(705) 748-3617 or (705) 750-5654